I started teaching ‘officially’ after the second year of my undergraduate degree, when I moved to Switzerland to teach English at Swiss Language Club. I ended up spending four consecutive summers in the Swiss Alps, where I learned a lot about teaching teenagers – and managed to pick up a few words of Schwyzerdütsch. 

As part of my degree I spent four months working at a language school in Russia, where I really caught the teaching bug! I completed my CELTA in 2010, then moved back to suburban Moscow to teach at a branch of Language Link.

These days I spend more time editing than teaching, but over the past couple of years I have been involved in two wonderful volunteer organisations that work to support ESOL provision in Oxford. In 2012-13 I was a tutor at Jacari. Since 2012 I have also been involved with FELLOW in both teaching and administrative capacities.

In July 2016 I went to Kyrgyzstan to deliver teaching training on a voluntary basis with Kyrgyz NGO Erayim.

My main professional interests are teaching teenagers, SEN in the EFL classroom, and teaching in low-resource contexts.