About me

10411025_10100636988398872_7483028269363790662_nI live and work in the UK, but past jobs and studies have taken me to France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

I graduated from the University of Bristol with BA French and Russian, and only one goal: to avoid working in an office at all costs. I managed to get away with it for a couple of years: I did my CELTA at International House Kyiv, then moved to Moscow to teach English at a branch of Language Link – while squeezing in an MPhil Russian Literature. In 2012 I began working as an ELT editor at a world-renowned university press, where I have also done a spot of blogging.

I love teaching and materials development. When I’m not at my desk, I can often be found teaching evening classes at FELLOW, a voluntary ESOL organisation based in Oxford. I’m particularly interested in SEN in the EFL classroom, as well as tips and ideas for teaching English with minimal resources.

My hobbies are learning languages (I speak French, Russian, and German), playing korfball, reading, and attempting to take decent photographs. As you might expect, I’m also prone to the occasional bout of wanderlust.

The important bit

I write Grading my language in a personal capacity. All the thoughts and opinions on this blog are mine, and not those of my employer. I do not use this website or its associated email addresses for work purposes.

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