January: this month I have…

  • Been grateful to Channel 4 for a trek through the Himalayas with Levison Wood, turning back time with Deutschland 83, and helping me to practise my French with Kabul Kitchen. All worth checking out (if you can access them where you are).
  • Begun collecting teaching materials to take with me to Kyrgyzstan.
  • Said goodbye and good luck to a good friend and old teaching colleague, who has now moved to Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Been overwhelmed by the number of readers I’ve had. The most popular post by far was this one on board games in the EFL classroom – in case you missed it the first time. And thank you for all the attention!
  • Started an office Lotto syndicate – because it’s always good to have a Plan B! £34 won so far…
  • Missed out on BETT (just no time!), but enjoyed reading all the tweets and summaries floating around the internet.
  • Seen Daughter in concert.
  • Uncorked my homemade blackberry gin with the neighbours. How very civilized…
  • Taught my first lesson of 2016 at FELLOW.
  • Treated myself to far too many nice things (gig tickets, Lebanese food, new home ware) with the excuse that ‘it’s January’.
  • Spent a week in Moscow, catching up with old friends and showing more recent ones a bit of my favourite city.
Red Square, Moscow

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