December: this month I have…

  • Been trying to get in my ten per day. And largely failing. But more on that to follow…
  • Spent too much money on tickets to live music and comedy events in 2016 (uh-oh!).
  • Been fascinated by LingoRank – an analysis of TED talks by CEFR level. Is the end of publisher-made video nigh?
  • Learned more about the prison system on a visit to the Dana (formerly HMP Shrewsbury). I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Wondered whether I am the project manager’s favourite editor.
  • Been planning my trip to Moscow next month – my first visit to Russia since I moved back to the UK in 2012!
  • Given some of my family members the gift of helping someone else, thanks to CARE’s micro-finance programme, Lend with Care.
  • Been reflecting on Ed Pegg’s analysis of disruptive innovation in ELT – and wondering why I still haven’t taught myself to code.
  • Finished my first course of swimming lessons! My biggest achievement this year.
  • Started listening to the new series of Serial with the amazing Sarah Koenig.
  • Finally mastered double crochet!

And who knows what next year will bring… have a wonderful New Year, and see you in 2016!


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