November: this month I have…

This month I have…

  • Been published in the Guardian! Can you spot my travel tip…? Hint: I should’ve done a copy edit.
  • Laughed out loud and contemplated life’s big questions with Aziz Ansari’s Master of None.
  • Entered this competition in the hope of winning a return visit to my beloved Switzerland.
  • Caught up on some old episodes of This American Life. Check out August’s two-part series ‘The Problem We All Live With’ for an eye-opening discussion of racial integration in American schools.
  • Been reading about Russia’s educational reforms on The Pie (my new favourite international education site).
  • Used (overused?) Facebook’s ‘save’ feature to capture all the interesting teacher tips that have popped up in my timeline.
  • Followed Simon Reeve through Ireland in his latest BBC documentary.
  • Been exploring the topic of millennials in the workplace, thanks to great articles on Forbes, Pew Research Center, and PWC.
  • Hosted old and new friends from the USA, UK, and Spain (and been promised a mini break in Costa Brava next summer!).
  • Been contemplating whether to start 2016 with a bullet journal.
  • Been dreaming about summer in Kyrgyzstan. Only a few months to go!
  • Not slept as much as I should have done…

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